Training and Workshops During COVID-19

Whether you are operating Business as Usual, or at a Reduced Operation, you are on this site because you are thinking about training now or for in the future.  During this period we are still here and willing to assist you with your leadership training needs.  With COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, Safe Distancing and Masks will be required for all your attendees.


Experience Counts

A Different Approach

I believe that the spirit under which your company was formed is a vital part of its future.  I won’t suggest that you change your company culture or anything that makes your business an amazing and unique enterprise.

My approach will be in integrating Best Practices of effective leadership with the established foundations of your business.


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Versatility and Experience

Because of my experience, I am able to provide the very best training and coaching for your business. My core experience is divided into basic areas of Teaching and Training, Management and Leadership, Production, Customer Service, and Sales. 

I treat all clients as individuals and don’t believe that a one-size-fits-all solution works. I’ll help you develop and customize a plan that meets your unique Leadership and Customer Service training and coaching needs.

My experience includes working locally (Oroville/Chico) with the Oroville/Chico Adult Educations Centers, Holiday Inn Express, Miner’s Alley, and Tong Fong Low restaurants. 

What We Offer

You’re Busy Running Your Business.  I Understand!  That’s Why I Have a Wide Range of Training and Coaching Services to Take the Load Off Your Shoulders.

Customized Training

Because one-size does not fit all, together we create the coaching and training that best fits your needs.



We bring the coaching and training to your location, for one-on-one or group sessions at your convenience.



Together, we can develop Business Workshops that offer a wide range of topics to meet the needs of your company, group, or association.

Because razor-thin profits are always a concern, I provide a Free Consultation to

discuss your concerns, ideas, and coaching and training needs.


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Our Signature Training

Just S.T.O.P. (and take action) is our Signature Training because the philosophy of this program is at the heart of every workshop we offer. It focuses on discussions that help Leaders improve their observation skills and see their world as it is.

In this three-part program, the second half helps the leader confront their observations with follow-up and follow-through activities that are both candid and thoughtful.  These actions are critical to making on-going and permanent improvements to individual and team performance.

This workshop can stand alone or be paired with other sessions.