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My passion has always been to show, direct, teach, and coach managers on how to become better leaders.  

With over three decades of experience in a variety of industries, working as a Manager, Leader, College Instructor, and Consultant, I am prepared to use and share this experience with you.

Whether it be in the classroom, the workplace, or on this site, we each have something to share and something to learn. I firmly believe that success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Together we can find what drives and inspires you and what drives your team.

My mission is straight forward: To help your managers become better leaders and to help their teams become stronger and more customer-centric.

There may be much to achieve in your workplace, and together we can move mountains if we need to.  I believe that we each have something powerful to bring to the table and that when it comes to training and coaching, one-size does not fit all.  Because of that, you will not get cookie-cutter programs or solutions from me.

Welcome again – I’m glad you’re here!

Michael DaRe

Leadership Coach

Oroville, California



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