Our Signature Program, Just S.T.O.P. (and take action), improves Leaders’ skills in the areas of Observation, Confrontation, Recognition, and Follow-up. These skills are critical to making on-going and permanent improvements to Individual and overall team performance.

This is a three-step program. The first segment is planning and preparation. The second segment teaches Leaders how to effectively observe the workplace and scrutinize what is happening around them by removing blinders and natural bias. The final segment of the program covers the “Take Action” activities which educate Leaders on proper Follow-up and Follow-through techniques.

This program provides a detailed interactive classroom workshop environment with a focus on problem-solving and skill practice. Enhanced Team building among attendees is often the spinoff of these sessions. Training materials are included.

Just S.T.O.P. (and take action) is appropriate for all industries! Call for a free appointment to discuss how this program will fit into your overall Leadership training needs.


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