Don’t take My word for it!

Here’s what  other people think of my experience, abilities & services:

– Irene Weiner, First American Title Company

“I am inspired by how Michael can lead a team to do great work where everyone feels good about what they accomplished. “

– Rebecca Sees, Entrepreneur

“Michael has a way of teaching you to process a situation without a knee jerk reaction. He encouraged me to think through problems & offered other ways to view the situation.”

– Steve Kong 


“I have consistently used the leadership skills Michael taught to lead my teams through multiple engineering projects and conferences.”

– Gurpreet Matharu, 

7-Eleven Franchisee

“After Michael’s coaching of my Manager, I saw a clear difference in his ability to accomplish more things and yet have more free time.”

– Adrienne Shirley, Climate Pros

“Through Michael’s one-on-one coaching my abilities and confidence in handling conflict management and performance reviews greatly improved.”

– Charlie Kuttner, Transport

“Michael understands how to make a business work!  He has a natural way of dealing with people that makes him likable and trustable.”